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Meg’s fun, fresh sound resonates with ears  of all ages. From the girl next door to  cuddly creatures from magical realms.  You  can hear Meg’s voice on everything from  national commercial campaigns for a-list  advertising agencies, original animations, live action dubbing, in video games with Cygames and Yu-Gi-Oh, and even anime shows like  Angels of Death, Fairy Tale Final, Fire Force, and Goblin Slayer. 


Hi!  It’s Meg.  Whew, writing in third person is  hard.  If you’re still reading, this is what I  would love for you to take away from my  “about."  When I was a kid, I told my dad I wanted to be a cartoon character when I grew up because they had multiple jobs they did and had so much fun every day.  He smiled and laughed, saying that wasn't actually possible, but turns out it definitely is!


Simply put, I love my job.  Walking a  professional path that allows me to share my  creativity while helping others bring their  creative  vision  to  life  is  rewarding  in  and  of itself.  Do  you  want  to  take  a  walk  with  me?  If  so,  email  me  here.  I’d  love  to chat  about  your  next  project  or  production.  If  you  need  a  custom  audition, awesome!  I  can  turn  that  around  for  you  in  less  than  24  hours. I’m  looking  forward  to  working  together!



I look forward to collaborating with you! Please reach out for any inquiries -- let's create together!

Thanks! Message sent.

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